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Registry Number: 01-6896
98A Hristo Botev Bul.,
Sofia, Bulgaria
tel: +359 2 931 38 58
mobile: +359 887 509 710
e-mail: albatros.sofia@gmail.com, albatros_petrich@abv.bg

Travel agency Albatros Tours is a family run agency with long standing traditions and rich experience in offering travel services since its creation during the month of May 2000 year.
In our agency, you can count on personalized approach and best - good advice on the purchase of: air, bus and ferry tickets in choosing a hotel and rent in Bulgaria and worldwide, and to choose the best - best travel package or at - well-organized tour of the rich palette destinations.

Travel agency Albatros Tours has entered into agreements with leading tour operators, both in Bulgaria and abroad.
Main destinations in which we specialize are: Republic of Greece, Macedonia, Republic of Turkey Republic of Romania and the Republic of Austria Republic of Hungary.

To all our current and future customers will say:

"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only like a page from her"


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